About Us

A Family Business Since 1951

Beckley Welding Supply was founded on Oct 10, 1951, by W. D. “Dee” Holliday, Sr. After many years in the Welding Supply business, Dee decided to branch out on his own. He bought two delivery trucks, and opened for business at the company’s headquarters in Beckley, West Virginia. They’ve maintained a store and offices there ever since.

Dee specialized in torch repairs, and established a repair department from the beginning. Beckley Welding Supply is an authorized repair shop for most of the products they sell.

Dave Holliday, Dee’s only son, joined Beckley Welding five years later, and was instrumental in growing the business—first as General Manager, and later as Vice President.

Dee’s youngest daughter, Diann, joined her father in the business in 1971. Her husband Ed was hired by Dee in 1976 as a truck driver. He later became a service technician, then moved up to sales, eventually becoming general manager.

Dee’s second daughter, Delores, came on-board in October 1995 as Receivables clerk. Her husband, Bob, was a longtime salesman for the family business. 

In October, 1987, Beckley’s opened its second location in Wilkinson, West Virginia.

Our Team

DIANN SREDNICKI / diann@beckleywelding.com

Since Dee Holliday’s passing in 1999, Diann has been the guiding strategic hand of Beckley Welding Supply, seeing it into the 21st century.


BOB MEADOWS / bobm@beckleywelding.com

With Beckley since 1996, Bob’s a hand’s-on Manager with in-depth knowledge of welding equipment lines and an uncanny ability for paint matching. You’ll often find him making on-site customer calls, and he’s always happy to answer your questions.


TAMMY LESTER / tammy@beckleywelding.com

Joining Beckley’s in May of 1988, customer service specialist and salesperson Tammy handles numerous cylinder and receivables questions for Beckley’s continually growing customer base.


JEREMY CORMACK counter@beckleywelding.com

With over twenty years of customer service and retail sales experience, Jeremy’s at-home working the counter and taking your orders. He’s Beckley’s go-to-guy for paint mixing and identifying and finding that elusive part.

Did You Know?
Beckley Welding Supply has a fleet of delivery vehicles which service a 100 mile radius in central and southern West Virginia.